Price is dependent on the following factors:

– Length of Notes

Longer notes are not always better notes! What we mean by length of notes is the amount of content they cover. For example notes that cover a whole year of learning are worth more than those that cover two weeks. You have to keep this in mind when pricing your notes!

– Quality

When pricing your notes think honestly about the quality. Are they more a study guide, or could they almost replace the textbook? Notes that are more in-depth and have more information can be priced higher than notes with less information. That being said, remember not everyone wants notes with everything, we’ve learnt more people want a condensed summary at lower price than notes that cover everything!

– Highschool vs. University

University and high-school are very different but whether at University or high-school notes are useful! When pricing your notes, think about what we said about the length of notes; high-school runs for a full year, and a University semester runs for 12 weeks!

In summary, pricing notes is tricky but hopefully the above information with the following table will give you an idea!

Price University



2-4 week course summary

English Essay


Exam Revision Notes

Topic Summary


Notes to be used in Exam

Unit 3 Summary


Full Year summary