Report Infringing Content

–       Intellectual property rights owners can solely report infringing content. Should you not be the rights owner, you can reach out to the rights owner to inform them of the breach

–       If you are the rights owner, and believe content has been posted without your consent, please contact Notexchange. To report violated content, please email the details of the content with the subject line “Notes violation” to In accordance with the Copyright Amendment Act 2006, the following information is required:

o   Physical or electronic signature

o   Identification of infringed work

o   Identification of infringed material

o   Contact information for complainant

o   Statement that the information contained in the notification is accurate, under penalty of perjury (statutory declaration), that the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner.

Action Against Repeat Infringers

Notexchange does not permit the misuse of its marketplace, by those who knowingly infringe on the intellectual property rights of content owners. When it becomes apparent that a copyrighted piece of information has appeared on the website, the following steps are taken:

1.      Removal of infringing material

2.     The user who copied the material is contacted, and warned about future actions

3.     Should investigations reveal this is not the first offence, further actions will be taken, including the banning of the individual from using NoteXchange.