What is an official Note Taker?

An official note taker is an individual recongised by NoteXchange as premium note taker. Typically they have an excellent academic record, an ability to simplify complex material, and pick up on the little details. If you think you have what it takes to be an official note taker go here. Otherwise, see who is an official note taker below and see if they can help you.

  • Lokzo

     Lucas Owen – Bachelor of Business/Exercise Science
    – Growth, Motor Development and Ageing
    – Psychology in Sport and Physical Activity

    Lucas finished 2014 in the top 10% of the state for VCE, a near perfect score in PE, and as a professional soccer player. Lucas is looking to further understand the theoretical and business side of his sporting career. Lucas believes notes are key to understanding and achieving top marks.


  • Aditi
    Aditi Razdan – Bachelor of Law/PPE
    – International Relations
    – Torts Law

    Aditi completed year 12 in 2014 at Methodist Ladies College as dux of English (50), Economics (49), and Revolutions (47). Aditi believes good notes and a consistent work ethic is half the secret to success: the other is passion in whatever you choose to do!


  • Rosalie
    Rosalie Colantuono – Bachelor of Law/Arts
    – Criminal Law
    – Foundations of Law
    – Psychology

    Rosalie finished VCE at Loreto Mandeville Hall in the top 2% of the state, with a perfect score in legal studies. Rosalie is now undertaking her Bachelor of Law/Arts at Monash University. Determined to succeed in her studies, Rosalie will upload her notes on a fortnightly basis.


  • CathF
    Catherine Fitzgerald – Bachelor of Science
    – Chemistry 1
    – Physics Fundamentals

    Catherine completed VCE with an ATAR of 99.05, and a perfect 50 in chemistry, which she hopes to major in. Catherine is dedicated to succeeding in her studies and helping others do the same. Her notes aim to deliver understanding so that assignments, tests, and exams can be more quickly and thoroughly prepared for.



    Angie Hu – Bachelor of Science
    – Biology of Cells and Organisms
    – Introduction to Microeconomics

    Angie completed IB in 2014 with a perfect score. She is currently on the Chancellor’s Scholars Program at the University of Melbourne undertaking a Bachelor of Science. Angie is a conscientious student who enjoys helping others and knows her notes will help other students accelerate their learning.


    Nick Lefevre – Bachelor of Commerce
    – Introductory Microeconomics
    – Accounting Reports & Analysis
    – Quantitative Methods 1

    Nick completed VCE at Xavier College as dux of accounting, and biology with an ATAR of 97.70. Undertaking his Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne, Nick is dedicated to his studies and aims to upload notes fortnightly and before tests.


    Dorian Sorace – Bachelor of Science
    – Business Law
    – Biology of Cells and Organisms
    – Chemistry 1
    – Physics Fundamentals

    Dorian completed VCE in 2014 with an ATAR of 97.30. Balancing his academics and with his responsibilities as Vice-School Captain, Dorian knows the value of concise, detailed notes. Dorian will be aiming to upload notes on a fortnightly basis.


    Henry Storey – Bachelor of Arts
    – Medieval Plague
    – War and Heresy
    – An Ecological History of Humanity

    Henry completed VCE in 2014 with top marks in English (47), Philosophy (50) and Global Politics (46). Henry is determined to succeed and help others.


    Alastair Weng – Bachelor of Science
    – Chemistry 1
    – Biology of Cells and Organisms
    – Introduction to Microeconomics

    Alastair completed his VCE in 2014 with a perfect ATAR and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Science (Chancellor’s Scholars Program) at the University of Melbourne. He has had experience tutoring VCE, as well as producing detailed study notes that are beneficial for students of all abilities. Alastair will be uploading a set of lecture summaries each week.


  • Mary
    Mary Moloney – Bachelor of Education(P-12)
    – Psychology
    – Adolescent Human Development

    Mary Moloney completed her VCE in 2014 with top scores in Psychology (47) and Legal Studies (44). This year she is undertaking her Bachelor of Education (P-12). Mary is a dedicated student and will aim to upload notes concise and informative notes at the end of each topic.