Semester is about to round up, and SWOT VAC about to begin. So, what can you do to make sure you’re all set for SWOT VAC.

Here are 5 essential steps to make sure you’re prepared to hit the ground running in SWOTVAC.

  1. Final Lectures

    If you’ve been missing class because of your appointments with the pub, now’s the time to check back in. Lecturers give away golden eggs during review lectures, and often are sneaky and don’t put them on the recordings. Don’t miss the final lecture!

  2. Consults

    One step better, is to book a time with the lecturer, or go to their consultation. Knowing exactly what to study is how you study smart. Ask questions like, what sort of problems will be on the exam, are they similar to past exam, assignments or tutorial questions.

  3. Assignments

    Get your assignments in. Lecturers love week 12 assignments. Get on top of it early in the week, to ensure you get a little break before exams.

  4. Melb Uni Exams at REB

    With exams looming, the final week of uni can be daunting

  5. Collate material

    The trick is to do this, this week. Trust us, you’ll use it as an excuse next week to procrastinate, along with watching ONE more Game of Thrones episode, and cleaning your room. Get everything into piles, and work out where your gaps are now.

  6. Past Papers

    Print out the last few semesters’ worth of past papers, but be aware of who taught the subject that time around, because different lecturers have different preferences. Exams can be found in two places: http://library.unimelb.edu.au/examination_papers, and on the LMS, under the subject.

A final piece of wisdom

Be wary of organising study groups during SWOTVAC. For some people they’re great, because they can learn everything from listening to other people. However, for most of us, you need to learn the material yourself, and work through all the questions. Only then is it valuable to do some group study, and ask all the questions you got stuck at.

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