Excuses… We all make them.

I don’t have enough time. I’ve got two assignments, a mid-semester, and I need to go to the gym. I’m swamped. What should I do? Done. I’m watching Game of Thrones.

We’ve all done it before: so much to do, you just do nothing. We all know the consequences: an all nighter, a stack of red-bull, and a bag of speed. You wake up with a “such is life tattoo,” and you’re swimming across rivers to avoid cops after a 4 day ice bender. We’ve all been there.

To help you work better, we’ve made a list of three of the most common excuses for not doing your assignments or study.

“It’s easy and boring, I can do it later.”
This is a great one. Unfortunately, it’s the one that can catch-up with you the most. When something is easy (or seems to be), it can slip under the radar and be left to the last minute. If this happens you’ll be pushed for time, and if it’s harder than you think you could be in real trouble. Next time something is easy and boring, just do it, then slack off!

“My room is messy, I must clean it.”
This is a classic. If you have a messy room, cleaning it is a no brainer to put off that pesky assignment or exam you have to study for. Although a clean room can help you study, too often cleaning your room just prolongs the inevitable. Next time your room is messy, and you’ve got an assignment, finish it, then clean (unless it’s really really messy).

“Not in the mood”
This our personal favourite. There is no question that when that mood takes, you can just fly though your study and ace it. However, waiting for that mood to come, is a dangerous game. Particularly, if you decide to catch up on that latest episode of Neighbours while you’re waiting for it to come. If you’re not in the mood, go for the low hanging fruit and slog it out. If you do it, that mood is much more likely to come along compared to just watching your favourite TV show!


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