Hey Everyone,

We wanted to let you know more about our aim, and how we are helping you!

We’re really just a bunch of students frustrated with the way learning has gone. We want to raise the learning standard across the board and hope you’ll help us.

Our intentions are pretty mind-blowing:

We actually want you to understand the material you’re paying to go to Uni to learn. Crazy right? So you didn’t get it the first time your lecturer said it, or you couldn’t digest it from the textbook, who says you’re not allowed to try and figure it out another way?!

This is about your learning, you owe it to the commitment you’ve made to your studies, to really understand what you’re learning. It’s not just about the answers.

We believe in a student-driven marketplace, where you set the price of your notes, and you choose what to pay and not to pay for that extra little bit of help.  We also believe students who aced the class, and understood the material, offer a very different but often more approachable way to view the material.

Finally, we believe in the benefits of collaborative learning. Collaborative learning has so many benefits, from hearing another perspective and providing another medium to digest information, to being an essential skill required by all employers and used for the rest of your life (read more about the huge benefits of collaborative learning here).

Our aim is to connect all those students who aren’t connected, and make those who are connected, better connected. Help us on our mission and join our community now!


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