What is NoteXchange about?

You probably know that we were an online market place that allows students to share and exchange notes, flashcards and study guides, but, what does that actually mean?

Well, NoteXchange is here to give students a voice in the way they learn. To encourage student-to-student interaction and connect the girl or guy at the front of the class with those in the middle. Basically, we want to give students another avenue to get their best possible marks! Here are some common questions that we’re asked:

Using NoteXchange is like cheating?

No. NoteXchange is not cheating. We are here to connect all students. Here is an example of how we do it:

Sam sits in the middle of the class. He takes notes but when he goes home, he finds his notes confusing and sometimes just doesn’t get how the lecturer and textbook have explained a certain topic. Joe sits at the front of the class, has a comprehensive understanding of the material, and she makes excellent notes. This where NoteXchange comes in; we connect Sam with Joe, so Sam can see how Joe interacted with, and thought about the material. Joe’s notes aren’t just for Sam to copy.

My Lecturer has made lecturer slides and has recommended a textbook. Aren’t they just the same?

No. The notes made by our sellers are combination of the lecture slides, textbooks, various other resources (i.e. youtube) and, most importantly, their own understanding. We know how much effort lecturers put into their slides and we are not trying to replace the classroom. We are creating an interactive platform so students can continue to learn after class, and find a new avenue to approach complex material!

This question also leads us to one the biggest concerns: copyright infringement. This is one of the biggest issues in the distribution of student made material. However, here is what lawyers are saying:

“Class notes taken by students during lectures are each student’s originally authored works and as such each individual student has the right to disseminate their own authored materials as they see fit.”

Students are completely within their rights to distribute material they produce!

There is no question that students learn better from one another. NoteXchange is here to make that collaboration easier and enhance students ability to learn from one another. We understand the importance of academic integrity so if you have any questions just email us at


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