Here are our three top ways to market your notes!

#1 Email

As long as it’s okay with your university and your subject coordinator, send your class an email to inform them about the great notes you’ve made. You may even be able to do this via your LMS. See the template below.

Hey guys,

I’ve created some really great notes for this subject, that highlight all the key areas necessary for you to excel at this subject.

Sam Taylor

#2 Facebook

Post a message on your Facebook (E.g. JD 2013 2nd year), or send a private message to the members of the group alerting them to your notes.

 #3 Description

In the description tell people how you intend the notes to be used, and what they are best for!

#4 Pamphlet/Posters

Put up a pamphlet poster at your University letting people know about your notes!

#5 Tell Your Class

Talk to your Lecturer and see if it’s okay for you to tell your classmates that you are offering your notes online at Notexchange!